Bathroom Vanity Top Materials

There’s an abundance of bathroom countertop material choices. But do you know which is the right one for your bathroom? VanitySale helps you choose.

How to Choose a Bathroom Faucet Finish and Hardware?

Mismatching bathroom fixture finishes and faucets can be an eyesore. Here’s how to choose picture-perfect hardware that fits the overall style.

Is marble is good material for bathroom sink?

Marble bathroom sinks are not as common as countertops but still have a lot to offer. Read about whether the marble material can spruce up your place.

How To Care For Granite Countertops

Are you wondering what the best way to care for granite countertops is? Everything you need to know is covered here – from sealing to daily maintenance.

Floating Bathroom Vanity Installation

So, you’ve got a new wall-hung cabinet and are ready to start floating bathroom vanity installation. Stick to this guide to end up with a picture-perfect unit.

Bathroom vanity installation tips and tricks

We’ve rounded up the most useful bathroom vanity installation tips for DIYers. Proceed one step at a time, and your vanity will serve you for years.

Style Selections Bathroom

Apart from your needs and measurements when choosing a bathroom cabinet, the other detail is style and color. While examining the sample decorations you can see millions of different bathroom cabinets, but determining which ones fit your style requires a little information on the subject. If you are going to choose without the help of a decorator, never miss the following points.

Small Size Bathroom Design Ideas

We can say that “bathing culture” has a considerable importance in our lives, since human beings identified the body cleanliness with spiritual cleansing and accepted the purifying effect of water both on physical and soul. Starting from early ages, since the water has been a soul purifying material in almost all forms of beliefs, purification of the body with water has become an important vital cycle for people like baptism, washing in the sacred waters of the Ganges River and ablution.

5 Important Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Ceramic Tiles Clean

In our living spaces, we have ceramic and porcelain surfaces especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Although use of these surfaces is extremely practical, if they are not properly installed, grouted and sealed, they may cause a terrible look over time.

Choosing Bathroom Accessories

Bathrooms are the rooms that we spend so much time in our home. Researchers say that humans are spending one and half years of their life in the bathroom. In this case as we spend so much time in bathrooms, we need to make our bathrooms look beautiful. We can use accessories for this but we need to consider some details about choosing bathroom accessories. Accessories that we choose for our bathroom should be useful and beautiful and they shouldn’t take up place so much. Besides accessories should help us to keep bathroom clean and tidy. Thus, choosing accessories can be difficult but we are here to give you some advices! In this article, we will try to help you who choose style selections bathroom accessories and we will explain you how to choose bathroom accessories.

20 Tips for Small Bathrooms

One of the biggest problems for those of you, who think home decoration is very important is to be able to design small spaces in a stylish, modern and functional way. The biggest reason for this is the increasing number of small apartments and houses in big cities with high population. But of course, living in small spaces does not mean we cannot have stylish, modern and eye-catching decorations. In this article "20 Tips for Small Bathrooms" we have compiled beautiful examples of decoration for small and narrow spaces. In this article, we will focus on bathrooms. Below you will find different and practical design proposals for each bathroom type!